Mission statement

Coterie is a catering company entirely focused on corporate & pharmaceutical catering events. Our friendly staff is not only well-versed in excellent service but also shares a great passion for fresh ingredients and food.

We take the same pride and professional approach for your little get-together or your fancy holiday party. Coterie's menu is well-traveled and uses seasonal ingredients to create dishes from a variety of cultured cuisines.

Coterie's main objective is not only to create delicious meals that are great to share but also to develop lasting and personalized relationships with our customers understanding their busy schedules and budgets.

Javier Moran

Owner & Founder

Javier discovered his passion for food when he was in his early twenties. Ever since discovering his passion for food, he has maintained a long-lasting relation with it. Following the famous Borges dictum, "The best way to learn is by having a hedonistic approach," Javier is an avid seeker for restaurants, recipes, and people who share his same love for food all around South Florida.

Javier was previously the head server and catering coordinator at one of the busiest cafes in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale for over seven years. Before doing so, he also had experience in the service industry in Vancouver and New Hampshire.

Javier spent his formative years in Peru, Chile, and Canada. As such, he was exposed to a very diverse group of people and realized that the best way to create lasting and honest relationships is by being truthful to one. That's why Javier is a firm believer of a friendly and relaxed —and sometimes a bit quirky!— service style that is both very personalized and efficient. Javier's favorite things in the world are good service, food, beer, bikes, books, and mimosas.

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